Pest Birds Removal

Pest birds have become a huge problem throughout Australia and are extremely abundant throughout Mackay. Pest birds pose a serious health threat to humans. Pigeons transmit many diseases to humans and animals

Pest birds are opportunistic and will roost and nest readily in open structure sheds, eaves and roofing, factories and most inner city buildings. Nesting in close proximity to these human activity areas increases the risk of bird or pigeon disease transmission.

Bird control is an extremely sensitive area of pest management, however, sometimes birds can become a serious problem for homeowners and businesses if they are not effectively treated.

A professional inspection by Keen2Kill Pest Control is your best choice to reduce the presence of problem birds around your home or business. We are trained in bird biology, breeding habits and the latest methods for bird control, removal and proofing.

Issues Associated with Birds

  • Bird droppings can be corrosive and cause damage to everything from outdoor furniture to your vehicle’s paintwork.

  • Birds, their droppings, and their nesting materials can carry and spread transmittable diseases and ectoparasites.

  • Bird droppings harbour diseases such as Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis and Aspergillosis fungus. When the spores become airborne, they can be inhaled causing serious illness. Pigeons are the main offenders because of their roosting.

  • Cleaning bird droppings can take time and money. It can cost over $1000 more a year for cleaning services!

  • You’re unable to remove native birds yourself and there are even strict rules around removing pest birds.